My connections

By and large, Twitter is the place which keeps me most connected. My top three networks that I’m most active in would be:

  • my work, #ishcmcIB,
  • my curricular network for the IB’s primary years programme, #pypchat (as well as #pypconnected),
  • and the (mostly) monthly educator network, #PubPDAsia, that also has a face-to-face component as well!

Other networks that I’m apart of, yet lurk or check in a bit less frequently are:

  • #isedcoach: A network for international education coaches (majority who are innovation or edtech focused in their disciplines).
  • #AppleEDUchat: Mostly a network of Apple teachers and Apple Distinguished Educators sharing ideas and discourse.
  • #COETAIL: I’m sure will become more used the more invested I get in the course.
  • #ssislearns: Keeps me in touch with my most recent former employer, colleagues and the sharing going on in that community.
  • #UBCMET: A place to connect with my Master of Educational Technology alumni from the University of British Columbia.
  • #CognitaWay: My current employer is owned by Cognita; a good place to share learning and be inspired from Cognita wide events
  • #ISTEcert: As an ISTE certified educator, it’s a great network to share learning and examples of the standards in practice.

What are some ways that you stay connected as an educator?

Let the journey begin

Hello and welcome to my first post to begin my COETAIL13 journey!

My name is Justin Ouellette. I’m originally from Windsor, ON, Canada but have lived most of my adult life in Asia. I’m currently living and working in Saigon as a Studio 4 PYP educator at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (aka  ISHCMC).

You can reach out to me on Twitter (@juouelle); I do use it quite often to stay connected and network with fellow educators.

Aside from education and technology, I’m very passionate about climbing, tennis, photography and spending time in the outdoors with my family.


Well, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and has been on “the list”, so the timing is just right let’s say. Colleagues and COETAILers like Lina (@MypClassroom) and Cindy (@innovative_inq) have always highly recommended it as well, so they further added to my motivation.

I’m most looking forward to connecting, collaborating, sharing, reflecting and learning alongside a new group of people and challenging myself outside of my comfort zone.

Stay tuned… 🙂